When you fertilize your plants and trees you are not only feeding them but you are actually replacing missing nutrients from the soil that are essential for healthy plant growth and survival. If nutrients are available in the soil for the trees, the trees will decide what they need to absorb to keep them happy.

Taking soil samples is key to this process. It enables us to determine what is lacking from our sometimes overworked soils. We then amend our fertilization blends to replace what is necessary. As we mentioned, many of our soils have been stripped of their essential minerals and organic matter due to man made interference, i.e. construction and lack of top soil.

Insect & Disease Control

The key to Insect & Disease Control is early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. Shades of Green, Inc. will tailor a Plant Healthcare Program to fit your needs whether it be aiding in any ailments that may be effecting your trees and shrubs or assisting in the management of those pesky pests.

what our clients say...

“We are so happy with your quick response to our needs. More than that, we appreciate your skillful, thorough & professional work. You work efficiently, but you also take the extra time and care to clean up branches, leaves & sawdust. It’s a pleasure to watch you work, and it’s this kind of work/business model that customers appreciate and gives you a serious business advantage!”

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