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Tree Fertilization

Trees and shrubs benefit from liquid deep root fertilization. Most trees are stressed due to competition from other trees and shrubs, lawns, compacted soil, & soils deficient in nutrients. Our balanced fertilizers, specific to your trees and shrubs, will keep them fed for 1 full year. Bio-stimulants including beneficial Mycorrhizae Fungi can be added as well. Fertilization is key for tree vigor, health, and tree sustainability.

Disease Control

Many of our trees are at risk and susceptible to diseases. Ornamental and shade trees such as Crabapple, Dogwood, Oak, Sycamore, Flowering Pear, Blue Spruce and many more trees are threatened!

Contact us today to learn how to protect your trees and prevent the following diseases from causing damage:

  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Fireblight
  • Scab & Leaf Disease
  • Anthracnose
  • Root Disease – Phytoptera Root Rot
  • Cedar Apple Rust

Insect Control

The key to insect control is early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and continuous monitoring. Many insects cause chewed leaves, exit holes, total leaf defoliation, and deadwood in the tree canopy. Shades of Green, Inc. will correctly identify the problem and control the harmful pest using the proper treatment, while minimizing pesticide usage.

This is list of common pests that may be attacking your trees and shrubs.

Bagworm Spider Mites Emerald Ash Borer

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Scale Insects Spotted Lantern Fly

Fall Webworm Japanese Beetle Lace Bug

Gypsy Moth Hemlock Woolly Adelgid


We also offer programs for deer, tick, and mosquito control.

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AirSpade for declining trees with gridling roots and trees that have been planted too deeply! Years of over-mulching and sometimes improperly planting a tree too deep, can lead to gridling roots. These lateral roots emerge slightly below the soil surface. In time, girdling roots will cut off the flow of nutrients and water to part of the tree which will cause the tree to die or even uproot. Contact Shades of Green, Inc. at 215-428-1323 to have one of our Arborists inspect and implement a plan to resolve this issue, if possible. With the use of our AirSpade tool, soil is blown away to expose the root system of your tree, it is then determined which roots need to be cut to relieve the situation.

Winter Plant Protections

Anti-desiccant treatments to prevent Winter Burn. Winter can be very stressful on your trees and shrubs, especially broadleaf evergreens. Water loss through plant leaf surfaces due to temperature extremes, snow and ice events, and heavy strong winds can be minimized by applying targeted anti-desiccant sprays at the right time. The compounds in anti- desiccants create a thin layer of protection over the leaves of your trees to retain moisture and prevent them from drying out. One or two treatments usually is enough to protect your trees and shrubs in the winter, when you need it most!

What our clients say...

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“We are so happy with your quick response to our needs. More than that, we appreciate your skillful, thorough & professional work. You work efficiently, but you also take the extra time and care to clean up branches, leaves & sawdust. It’s a pleasure to watch you work, and it’s this kind of work/business model that customers appreciate and gives you a serious business advantage!”

J. & B. Culbert, Philadelphia, PA May 3, 2016

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