Introducing Our New 5 Step Annual Lawn & Turf Care Program!

  • Fertilizer / Pre-Emergent 1 Crabgrass Control / Broadleaf Weed Control – 3 in 1 Application
  • Fertilizer / Pre-Emergent 2 Crabgrass Control / Broadleaf Weed Control – 3 in 1 Application
  • Fertilizer / Surface Feeding Insect Control / Preventative Grub Control – 3 in 1 Application
  • Fall Fertilizer 1 / Broadleaf Wood Control – 2 in 1 Application
  • Fall Fertilizer 2 / Broadleaf Weed Control Application – 2 in 1 Application

Have you been searching for turf specialists near me and coming up short? With our Shades of Green, Inc. Lawn and Turf Care Program, you will have the best turf  imaginable after our grass and turf experts have completed the 5 step process. We offer annual soil testing – completed by an Accredited lab – for all of our Lawn & Turf Care Program clients.  The results will then direct our Representatives on the proper recommendations needed, which may result in a Lime or Sulfur treatment.  The lab results will also identify existing nutrient levels and advise on additives to reach optimal levels.

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Optional Services:

  • Proper PH Balance Management
  • Weed Control
  • Disease Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Over-seeding
  • Lawn/Turf Renovation

Proper PH Balance Management

Proper PH levels are essential for lawns and turf.  Most soils in this area are acidic and require that Lime be added in order to maintain and keep the soil PH in balance.  Alkaline soils can be treated with Sulfur to increase soil acidity.  Our 5 Step Annual Lawn & Turf Care Program is most beneficial if the soil PH is at the optimum level of approximately 7.0.

Weed Control

There are many nuisance weeds typically found in our home lawns.  Shades of Green, Inc.’s licensed and trained technicians will correctly identify specific weeds and control them properly.  Listed below are the most common culprits and invasive weeds:




Dandelion Weed

White Clover

Ground Ivy






Disease Control

In severe cases of disease, properly timed fungicide treatments may be required to suppress and manage the problems.  Our team will identify and recommend the best treatment option.  Sometimes, not all damage to your lawn is disease related.  Drought, pets, insects, and even excess traffic on lawns may resemble a disease problem.  Below are some common fungal diseases to keep an eye out for.



Brown Patch

Dollar Spot

Pythium Blight

Red Thread

Gray Leaf Spot

Snow Mold




Core Aeration

Completed annually, core aeration will encourage a thicker and more lush lawn.  Mechanical Core aeration breaks up thatch and promotes deeper root growth, while allowing for better water, nutrient, and air intake.


Our mechanical over-seeding machine works by cutting a slit into your turf at the appropriate depth while inserting seed at the same time.  This machine lays the seed at the critical points for seed to soil contact for germination to take place.  Over-seeding also introduces new and better seed varieties to ensure for a beautiful lawn.  This service is typically provided after core aeration has been completed.

Lawn/Turf Renovation

Sometimes is it just better to start over!  If a lawn is more than 50% weeds and mostly bare, our team may recommend a complete renovation.  This will begin with a soil analysis and applications of broadleaf weed control.  We will then remove thatch, add compost & amendments as needed according to the soil analysis results, aerate, and then over-seed in multiple passes to ensure a thick, beautiful lawn germinates!


With Shades of Green, you no longer have to search for lawn analysis near me. Contact us today by filling out the form below or give us a call to schedule a FREE property evaluation.


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Tree Removals

“We are so happy with your quick response to our needs. More than that, we appreciate your skillful, thorough & professional work. You work efficiently, but you also take the extra time and care to clean up branches, leaves & sawdust. It’s a pleasure to watch you work, and it’s this kind of work/business model that customers appreciate and gives you a serious business advantage!”

J. & B. Culbert, Philadelphia, PA May 3, 2016

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