Unlimited resources, state of the art technology, and numerous years of experience & expertise allow Shades of Green, Inc. to deliver superior Property Management in Bucks County with our Snow and Ice Control Services. Whether you are a hospital, Municipality, or a large Homeowner Association, Shades of Green, Inc. is equipped and prepared to service them all.

Shades of Green, Inc. has been able to retain numerous snow clients for many years due to our passion and dedication to client satisfaction and safe/timely Snow and Ice Management practices.

What our clients say...

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Tree Removals

“We are so happy with your quick response to our needs. More than that, we appreciate your skillful, thorough & professional work. You work efficiently, but you also take the extra time and care to clean up branches, leaves & sawdust. It’s a pleasure to watch you work, and it’s this kind of work/business model that customers appreciate and gives you a serious business advantage!”

J. & B. Culbert, Philadelphia, PA May 3, 2016

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