Bucks County Tree Removal

Shades of Green, Inc offers full service tree removal services in Bucks County to maintain and improve the health of your property. No matter the size, big or small, or the location of the tree, Shades of Green, Inc’s team of professional, licensed and ISA certified arborists will provide the safest and most efficient removal possible. See some of our work for happy customers and undamaged properties.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Services in Bucks County

Shades of Green, Inc. is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that unforeseen accidents happen when trees and foul weather are combined. We will come out and make sure that the site is safe by removing material from houses, cars, etc., with ‘clean up’ taken care of as soon as possible. We make sure that jobs are done safely, while minimizing further risk to your property and neighboring properties.

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We also offer other services in Bucks County if a complete removal isn’t in the cards yet, including:

Tree Pruning

Proper Pruning is essential to the health of ornamental and shade trees. It allows us the opportunity to remove weak, dead, diseased, and storm damaged branches from your trees. Proper pruning also minimizes the risk of future storm damage and can be used to train growth patterns of young trees for future years. All pruning will be carried out by properly trained experts who understand trees and the professional objectives needed. As professional Arborists, we will use state of the art equipment, proper techniques, and knowledge acquired over many years of practice and training.

Cabling and Bracing

Installation of this support system will aid in the future preservation of your tree. It will reduce the risk of tree failure due to long/heavy limbs, structural weakness and storm damage. This also offers you peace of mind when these large trees are next to your home.

Stump Removal

Have these annoying stumps that exist on your property replaced with new turf or new plantings. Stumps can be unsightly. Let us take care of them for you with our fast and ground sensitive stump grinder.  We also offer clean up and removal of the grindings, which are often left behind by most companies.

For more information, or to schedule your free estimate, please contact our office at (215) 428-1323.

What our clients say...

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“We are so happy with your quick response to our needs. More than that, we appreciate your skillful, thorough & professional work. You work efficiently, but you also take the extra time and care to clean up branches, leaves & sawdust. It’s a pleasure to watch you work, and it’s this kind of work/business model that customers appreciate and gives you a serious business advantage!”

J. & B. Culbert, Philadelphia, PA May 3, 2016

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