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Your lawn is the heart of your home. For businesses, it’s where your clients and customers will get their first impression of you. That said it can be difficult to care for. Which is why our objective with this landscaping and turf management company was not only provide you quality service at reasonable rates; but we also wanted people who had an expertise in their field so they were able execute what’s needed effectively and efficiently while being thorough enough that everything looks great!

At Shades of Green, headquartered in Morrisville, PA. We pride ourselves and are committed to providing the highest quality professional tree care and removal services as well as our commercial landscaping and landscape maintenance services throughout Bucks County and beyond. As our company grows we are able to provide excellent tree care and commercial landscaping to more local communities outside of Bucks County. From plant health care, tree care and maintenance, turf management, or even invasive species eradication. We can handle any tree care, tree removal, or commercial landscaping needs you may have.  Here is a list of our Service Areas, we are proud to be serving these local communities with a focus on customer satisfaction!

We also understand the frustration with poor and limited service. We believe in prompt responses and effortless lawn care to all of our customers. One call will schedule a 30 minute lawn or property consultation with one of our experts. Whatever it is, growing a more sustainable lawn, pruning the Oak tree by the rear deck, or just maintaining a commercial property to pristine condition year-round. We are here to take care of all your landscaping and turf management needs.

Contact us today! One call is all it takes. 215-428-1323